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♪ >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> to me it's ridiculous to look at that case and not think that race was involved. >> laura: oprah winfrey weighs in on the george zimmerman verdict. wait until you hear what she has to say about the n word. will her words help heal or add to the racial division in america? >> america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. >> also, did the president mislead the american people on the nsa scandal? the spy agency now commits it broke privacy rules thousands of times a year. have they been spying on you? he we will have a factor investigation. >> the first thing that happened to me at the hotel is i got escorted out. [ laughter ]
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>> why? >> i think it was a facial profiling deal. >> laura: the star of the hit series duck dynasty is thrown out of a new york city hotel because of the way he looked. wait until you hear him tell the story. >> you look like this, you can't hide. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> laura: hello, everyone. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why duck dynasty is a winner. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you have heard about a and e's reality show the mega hit duck dynasty. the series follows a wildly successful family-run company in louisiana that manufactures duck calls. on wednesday, the show's fourth season premier
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shattered cable tv records for reality shows 11.8 million people tuned in. half of those in the critical 18 to 49 demographic. the show also lights up social media and it has its own hugely popular product line. what explains the success? what's the allure of watching a bunch of long-haired rednecks sitting around teasing each other talking about their business, relationships and family lives? there is no nudity. pretty much no foul language. and no celebrity drop-byes. first, this is my theory. the duck dynasty characters are genuinely funny, but it's not always the obvious slapstick stuff. the dialogue can be really ironic, too. the robertson family comes across as unrehearsed, no nonsense, and warm. yet, there is another explanation for this mega hit. the show's focus on family, country and faith. each episode, in fact, ends with a prayer. >> let's pray.
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father, we thank you for this night and we thank you for the blessing of being in this place. thank you to mom and dad and commitment to each other and all the years they have served you. father we pray continued blessings on our family. amen. >> amen. bill about. >> laura: this isn't one big put-on for the cameras. this is their way of life. in fact, the family patriarch phil robertson was a preacher for decades before the tv show and he openly discusses jesus, the lord god in media interviews. how often today do we see families in prayer on entertainment television? as families have dissent grated in america, as our culture has become hyper sexualized, as kids are losing their innocence at younger and younger ages, i think it's undoubtedly a welcome relief to many tv viewers to just watch a program that doesn't offend their core values. duck dynasty depicts a colorful intact dare i say traditional family and they're leading a happy and really successful life. what a concept.
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wake up, hollywood. there is a huge audience out there that is tubing off and turning off the garbage. sex might sell. real love, love of family, neighbor, country and yes god that sells too. and in the end that's a lot more fulfilling. that's the memo. now on to top story oprah winfrey has now injected herself into the race controversy surrounding the george zimmerman verdict saying this: >> became a symbol for those times as trayvon martin has become a symbol for this time. a lot of people think they are not using the "n" word themselves they actually physically are not using the "n" word themselves and do not have harbor ill will towards black people that it's not racist. you know, to me it's ridiculous to look at that case and not to think that race was involved. >> laura: joining us now to react from los angeles,
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ucla professor mark sawyer and here in the studio who are was cooper he is a senior fellow at the heartland institute a conservative organization. all right, gentlemen. this is pretty interesting. i'm going to start with you, professor sawyer, because oprah winfrey obviously one of the most recognizable, most successful women in the world not just the united states. she is a billionaire. she came from very difficult upbringing. she has told her personal story. it's so compelling. and, yet, to hear her in this interview, you would think that racism is really still a fairly prevalent problem in the united states while we have a black president and oprah herself is a huge draw for white audiences. what's your reaction to what she said? >> my reaction to what she said is very accurate. it's an accurate description of the case the idea that there are some successfulthat do well doesn'tn that racism doesn't exist and people still don't harbor those views. we have seen the rodeo
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clown and saw the words of paula deen and bunch of other people. we see what people say on twitter and what they say in comments on columns. so, you know, we know that racism exists. their success is in contradiction to our ugly history of racism. >> laura: first of all the paula deen there has been some developments in that case number one. number the two rodeo clown that's a whole separate issue. i'm not sure if that's going to be a commentary on all of american culture given the fact that there are presidential masks all other the country at all points in time and people didn't really make a big deal of it number three, oprah winfrey knows more than the sitting jury in the trayvon martin case that actually heard all of the evidence all of the testimony and include minorities on the jury. how does oprah winfrey make that commentary when she didn't sit through the case? >> i mean one doesn't have to sit through every single moment of the case to conclude that race had
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something to do with it some the jurors said they couldn't identify with trayvon martin. they identified with george zimmerman. they couldn't feel empathy for him or or his loss. those things are part of what as social scientist i just know for experimentation tend to happen in people's minds when they interact with or see black people. >> okay. wait a second there. >> horace, go ahead. >> this isn't accurate. actually none of the jurors said anything like they couldn't empathize with travon martin. in fact they said just the opposite. the problem here is. this. the question isn't does racism exist or not exist. the question is how relevant in that in impacting what goes on in the real lives of most americans, black and white, and it is irrelevant if not the number one issue, not the number two issue. it's not even the number 10 issue. family formation and educational attainment have far more to do with what happens in the lives of not just black americans but everyone in america. >> laura: she also made a comment, who are was about
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the "n" word. she doesn't use the "n" word because she identifies with the pass use of it and what it means, meant historically to black people yet she says she understands while it's used currently i guess she was referring to hip hop and so forth. oprah winfrey could have enormous impact, i think on the hip hop community by leading the charge against the dehumanizing language ♪ just the "n" word but the c word, the w word, the s word, the f word. but she chose to say well, i understand although i wouldn't use it personally. >> there is a lot of cognitive dissidence what happens when the so-called n word's use. people like mr. obama, people like oprah winfrey if they were wanting to lead, they would help push that word outside of the scope of normal discourse. even if it means calling out the kanye west or other so-called hip people telling everyone it's never appropriate. but, again, even the use of the "n" word isn't a factor
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in deciding whether or not people are going to attain their objectives. it's not a function of the unemployment rate. it's not a function of the wealth and asset creations that are occurring in black and white america. >> laura: immitt thrill and the trayvon martin case. that kind of took me aback, professor. do you think the emit til case given what that meant to black people where a young man was systematically murdered for his supposed role for this controversy in the south in the mid 50s? that's the same as trayvon martin? >> first of all, let me correct some things. resume sites appear african-americans addresses less likely to get a job. disparity in income and wealth. this idea that race is irrelevant in people's lives is nonsense. we see health disparities. we see disparities in every single field of life. we see disparities in input in terms of education. whether the case not
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exactly the same. but it sort of similar. can you see how. >> laura: similar? >> the idea of a young black man, a young child, a young kid who goes out and is out and about, going about his business no criminal intent whatsoever. and doesn't come home and ends up dead resonates with the community. >> it's a sloppy analogy. >> it isn't even close. emit til was completely and totally innocent, having nothing to do with any of the incident whatsoever. in this case, mr. martin, mr. zimmerman, a lot of the choices made by mr. martin's family and mr. martin led to the outcome in that rendezvous that night. >> wait, what did mr. martin's family do to cause. >> laura: guys, we have got to go. i wish that oprah winfrey would address other issues. if she is going to get into this like the three black boys who beat up that white
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kid, and. >> absolutely. all these leaders. >> if. >> it's in every group. >> nonsense and horrible. >> it would be good for her to address those types of issues as well. she could lead on that. she would have a great role if she could. next on the rundown, as violence continue to spread in egypt. some say president obama's failed foreign policy is to blame. we have a debate. later, the new report shows the nsa broke privacy rules and intercepted the calls of thousands of innocent americans. we have a special report coming up.
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>> laura: in the impact segment tonight egypt erupts. the number of dead is approaching 1,000 just since the military's calculatedown and the situation there is quickly spiraling out of control. [gunfire] [shouting]
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>> laura: it was only a few years ago that president obama went to egypt and had high hopes for that region. >> i have come here to cairo to seek a new beginning. between the united states and muslims around the world. one based on mutual interests and mutual respect. and one based upon the truth that america and islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. >> laura: so is barack obama's foreign policy failures partially to blame for the chaos there? joining us now from south korea, democratic strategist dick harr harrpootlian. it's a critical country to our hopes in the middle east. has been a critical ally of ours for decades. your reaction to the president's handling of the
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situation in egypt, not just his statement yesterday but preceding that. >> well, i mean, i think the president is faced two choices. one of them bad and the other is worse. i mean, what's happening in egypt can happen in libya and happens in syria and happens in all these it's not about us. it's about what's going on internally both on a political and a religious level. and what's really dangerous about egypt is while there was definitely overthrow of the legitimately elected government who was -- the muslim brotherhood who is not sympathetic with the united states who were morsey was saying things that were contra to our brag that the particular interest as a country stability for the last 20 or 25 years. it's a complicated situation and no simple solutions. but, at this point, do we get more involved than we already are?
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no. lure lawyer the problem though dick is that people don't know what our policy is, right? i mean, everything is complicated. i mean, that's why we elected barack obama. he was going to turn the page. there was hope and change. the world was going to like us better. throw up a graphic for you. pew just did its recent global survey. and look at where we are in approval ratings for obama's international policies. in europe down 15 points since 2009. muslim countries down 19 points. russia down 18. china we're down 30 points. mexico, even our southern neighbors 17. japan 19. barack obama is cratering in global opinion. and how can can you say that he has no responsibility for the fact that we have flash point after flash point erupting in the middle east and apparently we have little to it no influence over the course of events? >> well, i mean, how with r. we going to vin influence over the radical muslim element, the jihadists who are stirring
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it up in every one of these countries. by the way public opinion polls in china. >> laura: we don't throw our allies under the bus like we did to mubarak. maybe that's the first thing we don't do. but go ahead. >> but here mubarak was torturing people and jailing people. >> we didn't have christian churches burning to the ground at least not every day, right? they are burning christian churches and torturing their own people now. >> what is our pragmatic interest. the united states of america and what's going on in egypt. it's tragic these people are being killed. but what would you do, laura? what do you? do you intervene. >> laura: i didn't campaign there giving a big speech saying that george bush was the big bully and i was going to turn the page and it was going to be hope, love and rainbows for the whole world. that wasn't me campaigning. we have a president of the united states that came in under a big promise of bolstering u.s.' image around the world and our approval around the world is going down not going up.
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and the place place is in chaos over the president to say it's complicated. it's a weak response it shows his response is nonsensical. >> what's the response. >> lindsey graham and john mccain is right for us to send $1.3 billion over there when they are using that money to kill people in the streets, that probably isn't such a good thing to keep doing. that's one idea but, you know, i'm not president. >> well, but if you take that money away and destabilize the military over there, we're talking about a massive country on the border with israel. ask the israelis what they think about us continuing to support the military. >> laura: you mean, it's difficult but that's why is he president. up next, why has president obama continued to deny the nsa has been spying on americans when a new report tells an entirely different story? and then chris christie makes his case to fellow republicans but takes shots at some conservatives in the process. is he really the best choice for 2016? we will have a debate moments away.
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>> laura: in the unresolved problem segment tonight, as you know president obama has consistently denied that the u.s. has a domestic spying program. >> america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. when you what you are not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs. and, listening in on people's phone calls or inappropriately reading people's emails. what you're hearing about is the prospect that these could be abused. >> laura: however, an explosive new report today in the "the washington post" paints a very different story from what the president just described. according to an internal nsa audit, the agency has broken privacy rules thousands of times eve year
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leading to unauthorized surveillance of innocent americans. joining us now to sort this democratic strategistcisco and in new york matt welch the editor and chief of reason magazine. let's start with you julian. to listen to the president there again we are not spying on americans. we don't have domestic spying. jay carney reiterated last week these would be incidental intrusions and everything would be deleted immediately if it wasn't necessary to the review that they were doing. this audit showed something different. what is your reaction to this given that the president has tried to do to assure americans? >> i'm not going to argue with the point that the audit does show some serious problems that do need to it be addressed. i think do you have to step back and look at the big picture. first, nobody is alleging that the nsa is spying on the personal communications of every day americans. secondly, overwhelmingly, the nsa programs are aimed
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mettating at metta data. things like telephone toll records not of the personal communications. third, the audit report today, at least it's reported in the post, shows that most of the errors, a few of them were pretty serious. most of the errors were mostly clerical errors or errors involving automated systems or what have you. fourth, unlike the previous administration. this program is being done with the supervision and warrants granted by the fisa court. and in a couple of instances we know from the audit report. the court slapped down two different nsa programs but at the end of the day. this is something that the public still supports by large, large measure. if you listen to law enforcement it is interrupting terrorist plots. >> laura: can you live in a police state and have no terrorist plots or very few. that's not what we want either of. >> by definition we don't have a court supervision. you don't have a system where the courts. >> laura: here is the problem. this audit and matt, can you chime in on this.
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this audit only applied to one facility. the fort mead nsa operation, right? one. this was 200776 instances of unauthorized storage collection, and access to information now, given the public's distrust of how the government operates after the irs deal and now drip, drip, drip on this. matt, can you blame people for being very suspicious of this and very concerned? >> no. consider that not only is the president looking you in the eye and lying to you as he did about august 9th press conference as he did on jay leno when he said we don't have a domestic surveillance program we just have, i guess, a surveillance program that we use domestically and he has been consistently lying about. this how did his predecessor. john ashcroft 10 years ago said it's baseless hysteria to worry that the patriot act is going to be used and engage in domestic surveillance even though they are lie talking. james clapper director of
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national intelligence under oath in front of congress is lying to you about this. not only all of that but senators mark udool and ron said just today what we have seen in the "the washington post" is quote the tip of the iceberg. these are guys who know they sit on the relevant committees they know much more than they're allowed to legally say. because we have allowed national secrecy exemptions to run amuck in this country. the executive branch can do what they want. they know and they say this is just the tip of the ice beg. the more americans realize what is happening, the less popular all of these programs are becoming and the less popular the politicians are who are trying to change their positions as obama done so violently. >> laura: go ahead. >> i think matt makes a fair point in pointing out, i think fairly that a lot of the problems began under the previous administration. the bush administration. he even handily criticizes both administrations. i would like to see more of that kind of even handed in the administration. critics.
1:28 am
>> laura: no love loss between me and the bush administration on these issues. >> fair enough. >> president now and this was coming out. you would be raising holy hell about this. i mean fair minded liberals are raising hell about this program. >> no. actually, i was actually supportive under the bush administration, very aggressive nsa surveillance technique so long as there was a court order. i think matt does mention aeven handedness a couple of points here. first though was my point. overwhelmingly these violations involve clerical errors. things like using the area code 202 when they intended to use 20 foreign area code to go at communication coming from egypt. >> laura: that's actually not true. >> why is that not true? >> because number one the audit actually reveals that there was instruction given to nsa employees to be very, quote general in the way you describe things both to fisa court and congress. congress can't do oversight in the information congress is getting is incomplete.
1:29 am
i think that is a very disturbing development. >> my point was that there were some seriously disturbing developments. >> laura: we have got to wrap. >> overwhelmingly these are clerical errors supervise dollars and authorized by the court. >> laura: then the president can't describe it the way he did. well, is he describing it inaccurately at the very least. gentlemen, we are out of time. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. chris christie in the spotlight again after taking more jabs at fellow republicans. is the new jersey governor in full 2016 campaign mode? and then planned parenthood is set to receive hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars under a new obama care program. we will talk to someone who thinks this is a great idea. idea. we h we've completely redone the house. it's hard to find contractors with the passion and the skill, idea. we h and that's why we use angie's list. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time with honest reviews on over 720 local services. i want it done right. i don't want to have to worry about it
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or have to come back and redo it. with angie's list, i was able to turn my home into the home of my dreams. for over 18 years, we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today.
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>> laura: ed in the factor follow up segment tonight. new jersey governor chris christie made an impassioned speech yesterday at republican national committee event. he told fellow g.o.p.ers that the party must do better job of focusing on elections and not just debate. which many took as a jab to libertarian rival rand paul. is chris christie setting the stage for 2016 run and is he the best republican to beat hillary. joining us from portland, oregon radio talk show star lars. tony and lars, great to see you both. what do you make of this, lars? let's start with you. >> all right. >> laura: clearly chris
1:34 am
christie and rand paul just don't like each other. that's obvious. >> that's right. >> was that what he was getting at there in that little rnc talk? >> i think he is trying to position himself. but the fact is we already know what position governor christie is. he is a rhino. republican in name only. is he liberal on just about everything and while a lot of us applauded the way he took on the unions, i just don't like him as a presidential candidate. when the last time republicans did well by putting a moderate up like mccain? did it work out well. does it work out well for us anywhere in america where we put up moderate republicans. >> laura: lars, remember in 2010 when he ran, right? he is very pro-life. >> yep. >> he was incredibly effective against the unions. is he a tough talker. he has that kind of ethnic fight in him which a lot of conservatives like. he was the tea party favorite running in new jersey and a lot of issues he still is conservative. pretty good on taxes. you know, he palled --
1:35 am
palled around with clinton. tea party really supported him. >> how about major things like global warming? i'm not so sure is he as strong as you think he is on things like gay marriage, guns is certainly one that's going to turn tea partiers off. i think a lot of tea partiers liked him from a distance and when they started looking at him up close and seeing where he was on some the nuts and bolts issues they figured out this guy looked like a republican from a distance but not up close. >> laura: maybe not when i was on marine one with president obama. tony, the rand paul element here is really interesting, right? because he is actually doing things like going to howard university and giving speeches. is he going into poorer neighborhoods and doing outreach. is he trying to find those young voters who are suspicious of an ever growing government surveillance culture. so he is doing a lot of that broadening that i think chris christie has talked about a lot. yet, there is that internal tension. >> certainly, because both of them are considered frontrunners or at least
1:36 am
strong, likely contenders in the 2016 election. so you are of course going to have some of those differences come up. what lars just said about governor christie needs to be totally corrected. governor christie is not some sort of conservative because he is -- the kind of conservative that he is in the northeast. he is in a blue state is he conservative enough. is he a legitimate conservative. more important than just talking like a conservative, look at his record, lars, that's what you really have to focus on. the budget in new jersey today is smaller in real dollars than it was four years ago. >> understood. >> real spending cuts. >> i will give him that. >> property cuts 2% in new jersey, by the way. he gave mandate relief to local municipalities so they wouldn't end up raising their local taxes. he just didn't take on the civil service unions. he got the private unions to support him. work toward meaning flg reforms, took on the new jersey education association that was coming after him, got through merit pay, pushed school choice that's been endorsed by a cross section of people in the state and has done this being a principled conservative. you can talk the talk lars
1:37 am
as a conservative from the senate floor. when you the governor of the state where there are more registered voters that don't belong to any party than your party, your record as a conservative stands on its own, i think. >> laura: i think lars you like a lot of conservatives, and look i don't forget the kind of perpetual spooning he did with president obama before the election. but it was hurricane sandy, the state had gone through enormous upheaval, a terrible situation can people forgive him of that. >> that's why i don't spawn him. that's another conservative debate we can have. i think him on the other nuts and bolts issues. i don't take away the fact that he has balanced the budget, gone up against the unions, concessions, cancelled that ridiculous tunnel. >> laura: those are big things. >> i know it is. you have to take the whole package together other things as well. look at the various litmus test we look at federal candidates for. once you are running the country and the most
1:38 am
powerful country on earth, you have got to deal with things like egypt and these other issues. those we just have to guess that's where he is going to be on this. >> laura: guys, he we are out of time. governors are also very useful to have an election because they have actually run something. >> you are right about that laura. >> laura: thanks so much. don't forget about the insane bill o'reilly summer sale has been a huge success and everything is marked down big time. it's a great place to stock up on gifts. you will save a lot of money, too. directly ahead, planned parenthood is set to receive more than a half million taxpayer dollars to help with an obama care program. how outrageous is that? we're coming right back. we're cracking down on medicare fraud.
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the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud.
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we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. s.> laura: thanks for i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. and in the personal story segment tonight, implements obama care has been pretty much a train wreck for the administration. but democratic congressman gregory meeks says not to worry even the constitution had its problems. when social security came out people didn't understand that completely. when medicare came out people didn't understand that completely. but over time we developed and we got it right. the fact of the matter is when the constitution came out, people didn't understand that. and there were problems in the constitution. we didn't say get rid of the constitution. we fixed it. >> laura: but now obama care might have more
1:43 am
problems on its hands as the awarded plan the parenthood half million dollars to help americans sign up health coverage. joining us now from new york is democratic strategist bernard whitman. okay, bernard. i have to he radio mind people that planned parenthood already gets almost a half a billion dollars of separate money. they are going to get these things called navigator grants. and the money is spread out across the country, bernard. this comes on the heels of this gao. government accounting office nonpartisan investigation into the way planned parenthood spend taxpayer dollars after in texas planned parenthood settled for $4.1 million, these federal fraud charges over how it administers medicaid. given the fact that there they are already under investigation for fraudulent billing and so forth, why the heck are we giving them a half a million dollars for obama care navigation? >> because, laura, the fact
1:44 am
of the matter is, planned parenthood someone of the most trusted providers of healthcare in this country. every single year they provide healthcare to over 3 million women, half of them don't have insurance. 90% of the care that they provide is preventative care, wellness exams, pap smears, pelvic exams, that help save thens of thousands of women's lives likely per year. the fact that we are using plan the parenthood which women know to ensure that millions of american women get access to the healthcare and health insurance they deserve makes perfect sense. it's probably one of the best uses of taxpayer dollars to ensure that this slaw properly administered and people get advantage -- get take advantage of the healthcare benefits under the law. >> laura: the fact that planned parenthood is under investigation currently by the federal government and has already admitted to federal fraud charges in that it settled civilly for 4.1 million. there are other cases in new york especially where
1:45 am
planned parenthood was guilty of misfilings of prescriptions, needless billings for prescriptions that were apparently never administered. and that doesn't speak to in all the investigations by lila rose into how planned parenthood deals with women that come into the clinic. it's nice to say well they provide all these services but it's a highly controversial organization given that it makes most of its money from the abortion procedure, bernard and is currently under federal investigation. the percentages don't apply to where it makes its bread and butter through the abortion services that's how it makes its money. >> i disagree with that. i don't believe vast majority of dollars given by through abortion. >> laura: 326,000 abortions a year. do the math. >> i actually think it's quite sad that people who have a moral or religious opposition to contraception in this country to a
1:46 am
woman's right to choose would prevent an extraordinary organization from delivering healthcare service that helps save women's lives. it's just not fair and it's just not appropriate. and with respect' to texas. it's important to point out that these navigator grants are going to three states only texas is not one of them. there is no chance that any planned parenthood taxpayer dollars are going to be funded to parenthood organization which is have decentralized in texas. >> laura: which is currently under investigation by the federal government. >> in texas. >> laura: they have had to pay fines across multiple states for the way they do business. in the way they conduct themselves and the way they bill for medicaid. >> the way they do business to help saves tens of thousands of women's lives. >> laura: first of all, they are not actually saving the lives of the 326,000 children who don't get to live after having visited a plan the parenthood. >> that's a separate conversation on a woman's right to choose.
1:47 am
>> laura: those children are not living and not part of this debate right now. >> the women whose lives being saved from proper abortions they. >> the babies whose lives have not been saved would probably beg to differ. immigration we form run step closer to passing the house. dozens of republican also actually vote for the bill? that's s. that true? upcoming.
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in the back of the book segment tonight, as the house takes up immigration reform some fashion this fall, conservatives warn house republicans about the senate bill and not to take the bait more. >> it's a bad deal to start with. i think chuck schumer got the better of the others on the gang
1:51 am
of eight group, and because all he really careded about was a pathway to citizenship and the rest was window dressing. >> that was on my radio show today and with us now, grover norquist, the president of americans for tax reform. grover, it's great to see you. you heard john cornyn. and we don't have to go back all over the senate bill but the concern here, of course, is that when chuck schumer, dick durbin and bob menendez and barack obama gleeful of what happened in the senate, how can grover norquist for smaller government, reforming entitlements be happy about the process to end up in a conference perhaps in the house of representatives where senate always trumps house? >> i would argue that's not what's going to happen this time and the house republicans made it clear. boehner down that they're not going to look at the senate bill. they're doing their own bill an they're going to be focusing on
1:52 am
border security and future flows and i would bet boehner gets what he wants coming out of any conference or -- >> chuck schumer wouldn't have agreed with this in the senate. they went through the issues that supposedly republicans were for, one after the other. common sense provisions that some of the bio metric stuff was rejected, other things accepted. so if chuck schumer is saying, now, well, if it's encemental, as long as we get to the end goal and what cornyn is referring to, citizenship. that's the holy grail. democrats know that the majority of people will be new citizens not voting for americans for tax reform agenda. they're voting to increase entitlements and increase the size of government. that's the rub i think for a lot of conservatives. >> i think people might fear that. nobody's talking about citizenship for 13 years. what we're talking about is making people go through background checks, get them to pay taxes and work for ten year it is keep an eye on the actual -- >> you trust obama to do those
1:53 am
things? marco rubio said we have to do this now, this pathway to citizenship, comprehensive reform, grover, he said because look what the president did last year. he did the end-run with his own dream act and doesn't that argument cut against the republicans conspireing with the democrats on comprehensive reform? because obama can waive any fines, waive the taxes through the department of homeland security. they can waive the provisions. >> i'm not sure the president can waive these things. >> oh -- >> including obama care. >> he does do it, grover. why do you trust him to do the right thing on this? >> i don't trust him to do the right thing on anything. we need laws now that if the president waives any piece of them they disappear like in legislation say if the court ruled a piece of it unconstitutional it goes away. clearly he can't be trusted. the idea that a president like republican president in the
1:54 am
future could delay, oh, i don't know, the federal income tax, the death tax, the capital gains tax a year or two strikes me as something to look forward to. >> might be extra constitutional. >> i think it is and a nice idea to have the courts, the house and the senate and maybe presidents agree when something's the law, it's the law. the president can't say -- >> we agree on so many issues and this is one we disagree on. i won't because i'm smarter than you on this. i love you, though. on the issue of like someone like a zuckerberg, a big liberal. mark zuckerberg. come on. might be giving you money right now. donating? >> no. he ought to. i hope he watches this show. >> probably dangling money to some conservatives but the idea that mark zuckerberg wants comprehensive reform for some purely humanitarian set of reasons, why does he really want the foreign workers in the country, not just the high skilled but a whole pool of
1:55 am
workers. >> the high skilled industries and the economy are very interested in having more talent. i am, too. the reason why immigration is important is the same reason it built the country in the past. people didn't think the guys that showed up 100 years ago or 50 years ago would be assets to the country. they have been. and when people come to the country, they become americans, they become productive workers. >> not all of them. that's the main -- what's happening now is quite different from what happened 50 years ago. a lot of people are working for drug cartels, a lot of people i have -- wreaked havoc on communities and a lot of people are working but illegally and undercutting american wages and hurting american families. not in every industry but after this, mark zuckerberg will be able to replace american engineers with foreign engineers and pay them less. that's good for him but not the middle class. >> we don't have enough engineers. >> maybe we should graduate more and pay them more. not undercut the wages with foreign workers.
1:56 am
>> we both need people to come here and go to school. >> legally. >> but you can't have laws against people coming here as engineers. >> we can have legal immigration and make it make sense. >> part of immigration reform is to allow significant numbers of highly skilled people to come to the country. >> we don't have highly skilled workers here? >> not enough for our -- >> with 7.4% unemployment? we don't have enough people to work. >> have you seen the teachers unions to the schools? that's another fight to have. >> we're on the same page on that. we'll see how it goes. always great to see you. whether we agree or not. up next, the star of hit series "duck dynasty" said he was thrown out of a >> rca: a name you can trust for the latest innovation in hearing better: the rca's symphonix personal sound amplifier. >> the rca symphonix. >> symphonix! >> symphonix! >> our business is a very social business, and we're always talking over loud music. i would find myself missing things. >> and i'd go to restaurants, asking, "could you repeat that?"
1:57 am
>> excuse me? >> since she's been wearing the rca symphonix, i think it's-- the communication has gotten a lot better. >> i hear, like, the leaves rustling. >> i can hear my boyfriend. >> for the first time, i could enjoy it all. >> it's crystal clear. >> it just made my life that much nicer. >> right now i can hear him. >> robin will testify. it's made-- >> oh yes. >> --a change in my attitude. i've been much happier. >> it's an ear-opening experience. >> isn't it time you heard what's going on? now you can, with rca symphonix: the breakthrough personal sound amplifier that uses hd digital technology to distinguish speech from background noise. you'll hear more clearly and comfortably in large groups, crowded streets, office settings, watching tv, or at a restaurant with friends. sleek, lightweight, and virtually unnoticeable, rca symphonix fits comfortably behind either ear and lets you set the volume level and noise reduction that you need. just flip the switch, and you're all ears.
1:58 am
and the rca symphonix rechargeable battery recharges while you sleep; so the next day, you'll have up to 15 hours of use time. call now to take advantage of our special purchase offer on an rca symphonix personal sound amplifier. you'll receive everything you need to begin hearing better, including the ultra-light symphonix and all of the ear pieces, accessories, and charger kit. try symphonix for a full 30 days, and if you're not absolutely delighted, send it back for a refund, no questions asked. plus call today to learn about getting a free symphonix cleaning care kit, a $29.95 value, as our gift to you. so call or go online now to learn more about this very special tv offer. rca symphonix: clearly better hearing. before we go tonight, as we mentioned in the talking points memo, "duck dynasty" is an amazing success but as the star
1:59 am
explained, not everyone is a big fan. >> first thing that happened to me at the hotel is i got escorted out. >> why? >> i think it was facial profiling deal. they thought -- >> jason threw out on the street. >> are you serious? >> he said right this way. he was very nice. >> he walked you out of the hotel. >> he pointed do unthe road and said, good luck. have a good day. i circled back around and my wife said, what happened? i said i just got kicked out. >> are you still staying there? >> well, he just didn't know. that's fine. >> it was facial profiling. i don't like facial profiling. >> hey, he was very polite. >> so you think there will be a big facial profiling protest at the hotel? don't bet on it. do not forget. you can become a laura 360 member. for access to my radio show and other content. and while you're there, sign up
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for the daily fix for the latest cultural and political recaps. and that is it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm laura ingram in for the bill o'reilly. the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. welcome to the special audience issue of "hannity." tonight we're joined by best-selling author mark levine and then the studio audience you can see of distinguished guests. but first inside "the liberty amendments, restoring the american republic." now, levin is proposing amendments. mark, the first step towards reclaiming the country that belongs to you, the a

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